After years of experiencing painful intercourse, one woman stopped taking bad advice and helped design a device that may help millions.

An astounding 75 percent of women have experienced pain during intercourse, but little has been done to find a treatment.

Emily Sauer, founder of Lady Parts Justice League, is working for a future where painful intercourse could be minimized.

After experiencing dyspareunia (painful sex) for 10 years, Sauer began to collaborate with clinicians on the design of a wearable device that would help those who use it find the relief that had eluded her for a decade. In 2017, she finished the first body-safe polymer-blend beta version of the Ohnut.

The Ohnut approaches painful sex holistically, allowing users to control how deeply the vagina is penetrated during sex through compression technology and a patent-pending linking ring.

The object looks like its name — stretchy donuts — and fits around the base of a phallic object like a penis or sex toy. It also holds a condom in place.

It’s essentially a soft bumper made from material that still gives the feeling of having full penetration for the person wearing it.

Ohnut not only allows control over depth, it also offers a fresh opportunity for couples to ideate and work together to find out what works for their shared experience.

Ohnut is the first intimate wearable that allows couples to explore comfortable penetration depths.