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Hi, I’m Nicki and I’m a professional sex coach.

My goal is to create an open and honest conversation about sex, empowering individuals to unlock their full pleasure potential. In a world filled with misconceptions and mysteries surrounding sexuality, I’m here to untangle the knots and guide you towards a more fulfilling experience. Whether you’re already enjoying an amazing sex life and want to take it to the next level, or if you’re struggling to find that missing piece that can ignite your desires, I’m here to offer my support. My coaching sessions are tailored to individuals or couples, and can be conducted in person or via video call, providing a comfortable and convenient environment for exploration. Each session lasts sixty minutes, dedicated solely to your growth and pleasure. Feel free to reach out for a no-obligation chat before deciding to book a series of sessions with me. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of sexual discovery and personal transformation.



Hi, I’m Nicki and I’m a professional sex coach.

I want to open up the conversation around sex and help people achieve their full pleasure potential. This involves untangling many of the mysteries and myths that shroud sex. Whether you have an awesome sex life and want to make it even better or you are struggling to find the thing that unlocks what could be, I’m here to help.

Coaching is on an individual or couple’s basis in person or via video call. Each session is sixty minutes.
Contact me for a no obligation chat before booking a series of sessions with me.


About Me.

I am a qualified Integral Practitioner Coach through the globally accredited Integral Africa Coaching Centre.

I’m a qualified attorney at law (BA, LLB, Wits) and founder of Malcolm Lyons and Brivik Incorporated. Over twenty years of practice as an attorney has taught me not only how to secure client confidence and confidentiality, but also how to foster an ongoing relationship built on mutual trust and a common goal.

What my clients say.

“Nicki created a safe space for me to uncover and explore some core beliefs that were creating barriers in both my relationship with myself and my partner. Working with her has breathed fresh perspective, passion and intimacy into my relationship that has allowed us to reach new levels of connection. It has been a deeply insightful and rewarding experience.”

“Within a few short hours, Nicki saved my marriage. Her advice was practical, insightful and appropriate. She honed in on the issues with both sensitivity and directness, dispelling any discomfort or awkwardness. I cannot recommend Nicki highly enough.”

Nicki was recommended to me by a friend who was herself training to become a coach. I entered the first coaching session without any specific expectations and tried to have an open mind. What became immediately clear, was that I really clicked well with Nicki. She radiated positive energy and open-minded enthusiasm. Over the course of eight sessions between August and November, my positive initial impressions were reinforced, as we navigated several facets on which I was looking for direction. I learnt a lot from her intuitive yet structured approach to improving self-knowledge, and we ended with useful actionable next steps. Nicki focuses not only on the what, but also the why. She examines the feelings and motivations behind the behaviour, which makes your journey with her so much more meaningful.”

Want to change your thinking, your behaviour, do something you have longed for but never quite reach, step up to something different or move away from something that no longer holds joy? Nicki makes a brilliant, enthusiastic, curious, and empathic thinking partner. She asks incisive questions and demands authentic answers. I was gently persuaded to find my own edge and then some. The coaching process was both expansive and serious. I left each coaching session reflective, but ready for action. As time unfolded between sessions, the changes that arose, were astonishing, in a very positive way. Reading her written feedback after each session further confirmed the actual experience of being witnessed, seen and understood. This is just one of Nicki’s potent gifts. Coaching with Nicki was consistently kind, shepherding me towards a better version of myself. It was a real pleasure to work so openly and freely, trusting the collaborative process and holding myself accountable and responsible for embodying the changes I wanted.”


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